About Me

My name is Etienne Marais and I am 22 years old. I am a born-again Christian with a ministry to spread God's word through the means of Gospel CD's. The purpose of my CD's is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ over the whole world.

I have been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. For most teenagers, they have a desire to try out the wrong things, to find out what is right, this is where I am different. I don't even try out what I know is wrong. I hate what is wrong and love what is right.

Being diagnosed with Aspergers, I also want to understand what it feels like for people with Irlen Syndrome. A fact that I do know about Irlen Syndrome is that it make you see letters move. It causes the colour white to be very sharp in your eyes and reading gives one headaches. I've listened to a discussion on Bushveld Sterio about this with a woman named Marthelean Venter and I know that God wants me to help in this area. Through this and with life in general, I have a heart to help people through tough times and to encourage them through them.