GI: Meaning... Gospel Info
Quite simply, the Gospel message is just this:

Christ died for you. Jesus did it. There is nothing you could ever do, or have ever done, to deserve this, or boast about. He did it because His heart-beat is for you and me. He did it because He wanted to, and because there was no other option.

His death brought life. Life for all of us. Accept it. Be thankful for it. Embrace it and enjoy it. It cost Him His life - but being God - He rose again, and assended into heaven. But what He left was something so great, so mysterious - so wonderful... His Holy Spirit. Alive in each and every believer, if they only choose.

It will cost you everything however. Dieing to self can be very painful. Your identity as you might know it right now, will be lost. But AMEN, that's just it - You will gain everything. The Godhead will indwell you. Life will have true meaning. Life will matter. A life which He lives.

This is the Gospel. No rules. No religion. Just pure love. Pure Grace. What a friend. What a Father. What a guide.
What a lover. What a saviour. It isn't easy-peasy, but He knows this, because He walked as one of us. In Him alone, we will overcome. In Him, there is real freedom.

In Him we truly find ourselves.

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