How It All Began

When I was 14 years old I had the most terrible experience. For a long time I heard voices that repeated over and over: 'Harry must go.' 'Harry must go.'

I want to inform people about the reason why I right to magazines and send out emails regarding this subject. The evils of Harry Potter are very real. I want to warn people who are so interested in Harry Potter, that it is something to be very careful and weary of. Magic, be it black or white magic - is still witchcraft. And the Bible clearly tells us to have nothing to do with such things. It robs us of the joy and freedom we have in Christ. What starts off as a simple interest, can very quickly grow into an unhealthy obsession, and cause one's mind to become distracted and uninterested in the things of God.

Rather stay away before you also have to experience the trauma that I did. This is where the joy of hearing the Gospel through my CD's comes in. His Word through song, brings out only goodness. This is what I want to share to people.